Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Center Formation Project Core-to-Core Program, International Research Center for Basic Organic Device Chemistry by True Integration of Synthesis and Device


Toward the establishment of academic principles and a center of excellence in
“nanocarbon device science” that truly integrates synthesis and devices

π-conjugated compounds are key materials in the development of future organic optoelectronic materials due to their abundant functions such as electrical conductivity, optical absorption and emission. Recently, new developments in this field, both in the synthesis of carbon nanomolecules with novel structures and in the evaluation and analysis of devices, have been extremely active worldwide.
In this program, the Japanese group and groups in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany, which lead the world in this fusion field, will form an international research center for the creation of carbon nanomolecules and their application to materials through the exchange of young researchers.
In the past, synthesis scientists and device evaluators have shared the responsibility of conducting research. However, it is certain that in the future, researchers in both fields will be involved in everything from molecular design and synthesis to device evaluation and analysis. Through the formation of this international center, we will foster young researchers who will become the next generation of interdisciplinary leaders, equipped with knowledge and practice in both cutting-edge organic synthesis and device fabrication/evaluation.


Core-to-Core Program
 ICR, Kyoto Univ.